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Caravan Storage at Monkton Wyld

Caravan Storage West Dorset

A hardstanding caravan storage area is available to those using the Monkton Wyld Holiday Park also known as Camping and Caravanning Club Charmouth site.  

There is a free tow out service from the compound.  Visitors booking in advance will be able to arrive on the park with their caravan already sited on pitch.  On departure, the caravan will be returned to the compound on your behalf.

Our secured compound has been approved by Dorset Police and we can store caravans for either annual, winter or short term summer storage.  There is no public access to the compound.

Annual Storage – 2019

(Storage from 1st January & from renewal) 

Caravans less than 7 meters shipping length £586.00

Caravans 7 meters or above shipping length £632.00

Summer Storage

(15th March ~ 4th November)

Summer weekly storage £25.00 per week

Winter Storage

(5th November ~ 15th March 2020)

All Caravans £12.00 week or part week

(prices include VAT at current prevailing rate of 20.0%)

There is no charge for towing out of storage unless the stay is for one night only. 

For stays of one night only, or if you require us to tow a caravan out from storage for purposes other than to use the holiday park, we reserve the right to charge a £12.00 towing fee.  All other additional assistance may incur a £12.00 fee to cover our labour costs.

Termination of agreement requires a three month notice. Please note Storage is not transferable. Caravans sold from the compound will not automatically have the storage transferred to the new owner without prior written consent.

Monkton Wyld Caravan Storage
Monkton Wyld Caravan Storage
Monkton Wyld Caravan Storage
Monkton Wyld Caravan Storage

To Book Call 01297 808 804

Even if its Late at Night you can send us an Enquiry on-line by just filling in the form below…
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