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Come & Enjoy the Best of West Dorset and East Devon in Autumn


A Place for All Seasons – Autumn’s Kaleidoscope of Colour Awaits You

A stone’s throw from our Holiday Park sits Monkton Wyld’s church. It is surrounded by some of West Dorset’s most beautifully mixed broadleaved woodlands and diverse wildlife.

As the summer days begin to slip away, our countryside begins to take on the colourful shades of early autumn in a splendour of golden shades.

Autumn is a time of the year where our local landscapes are at their most atmospheric.

An early morning walk will reveal the soft golden rays of a sunrise on the surrounding hills, whilst the lower parts of the valley are covered with a sea of dispersing morning mist.

It is a busy time in our woodlands for wildlife, such as mice, voles and squirrels fattening up for winter and storing food for leaner times.

 One of the most conspicuous hoarders is the Jay. The Jay is the most colourful member of the crow family and can be seen feverishly collecting acorns and burying them in the soft ground as a winter larder.

Others animals such as dormice and hedgehogs prepare to go into hibernation. Most of the summer’s swifts, swallows and martins have now departed to warmer parts, but they are replaced with our winter visitors such as redwing and fieldfare.

The deciduous trees start to shed their leaves in the autumn to conserve moisture and to reduce the risk of frost, snow and wind damage during the winter months.

The is always a kaleidoscope of autumn colours to enjoy as the trees extract the last of the nutrients from the leaves before the leaves drop to the ground to create the all-important winter blanket.

The intensity of colours can vary from year to year. This variation depends upon the growing conditions and sunlight. A wet spring followed by a long sunny summer will create a truly stunning autumnal display.

Autumn offers a variety of outside adventures


How about exploring our local walks or discover your own Fossil ?


Or how about hiring one of our Electic Bikes ? And discover some quiet cycling routes with ease.

Top-Spring-Easter-Things-Do-Visit-Charmouth-Lyme-Regis-Dorset-Fossil-HuntingBe a Fossil Hunting for a Day with Paddy Howe from Lyme Regis

Paddy Howe, a geologist for the Lyme Regis Museum. Taking visitors on guided fossil walks throughout the year.

Paddy’s fascination with fossils started at a very young age ‘When I was a kid, I was fascinated by dinosaurs because they were real whereas King Kong and Godzilla weren’t. My mum took me to Lyme Regis on a day trip when I was 6 years old. I was hooked on looking for fossils straight away and have been ever since.’

To find out more about fossil hunting with Paddy Click Here to visit Lyme Regis Museum Website and book a Fossil Walk

Seaton Wetlands – Seaton

East Devon District Council’s Seaton Wetlands nature reserve is free of charge to visit and enjoy the ever-changing scenery of wildlife.

With nearly 4km of level trails and boardwalks through beautiful marshland and reed beds alongside the river Axe, it is home to an abundance of wildlife.

Seaton Wetlands are made up of three Local Nature Reserves – Seaton Marshes, Black Hole Marsh and Colyford Common. There is also an area known as Stafford Marsh, where you will find the Discovery Hut and hide, pond shelter, classroom, toilet facilities and wildlife garden.

The Discovery Hut is staffed by volunteer wardens most weekends throughout the year – from here you can find out more about the Wetlands, hire pond dipping equipment and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Click Here to visit the Seaton Wetlands website

©Images courtesy of East Devon 

Is Walking is your Passion ?

With West Dorset and East Devon under your feet, you will never run out of glorious and rewarding walking routes for all abilities.  You can walk directly to Lyme Regis, Charmouth and Axminster from our holiday park, with quiet lands, fields and woods along the way.

We have our own 25+ walking routes for you to explore as well as those offered by the National Trust.

Langdon Hill Walk

A circular woodland walk through the wildlife-rich Langdon Hill woodland on the Golden Cap Estate in West Dorset, with coastal and countryside views.

A circular woodland walk through Scots pine and larch with spectacular views and year-round wildlife highlights. In spring and summer, Langdon Hill is awash with flowers including bluebells and foxgloves. In autumn, take a look at the weird and wonderful fungi that pop up around the woods. Keep an eagle eye out for buzzards and ravens soaring overhead too.

In autumn you might spot roe deer and field mice in the fields below the woodland path, and the much rarer sight of harvest mice on the brambles.

In the distance, you will see Warrior burials at Hardown Hill. A group of mounds on the hilltop contained warrior burials dating to the early Saxon period 1,400 years ago.

Walk from Lyme Regis to Charmouth

Starting at Church Street, at the bottom of the Lyme Regis town centre, head uphill (about a 10 minute walk) and just past the Football field you’ll see an entrance to a footpath. This will take you past the Golf Course and Timber Hill (lovely views from here).

As you come back onto the main road, turn right over a stile which will then take you across the actual Golf Course and consequently through woods – this is a marked footpath and easily marked for you.

You will then come up just above Fern Hill Hotel, which has a pavement leading you all the way to Charmouth, down the road and into the village.

In the centre of town, a right turn will lead you to the beach and Heritage Centre. For a more lengthy walk and great views, continue through the town and walk through Stonebarrow Lane. At the top of this lane are lovely views and a variety of other footpaths to choose from, such as more Coastal walks, leading all the way to Chesil Beach (be sure to stop off at West Bay to see the famous cliffs!) You can either walk back, take the alternative route listed below or catch one of the many running buses.

Alternative Route:

Many people also like to walk to and from Charmouth and Lyme via the beach, which is about a 45minute/1 hour walk. Be sure to check tide times and check it’s okay to to walk this way as it may change due to weather conditions. Always wear sensible footwear and keep away from landslips and large rocks.

– but check the tide times first!

A Historic Walk around Lyme Regis

Starting at the Marine Theatre entrance in Church Street is the theatre square with beautiful views across the coast, from the Lyme Regis beach to Charmouth on the left. You’ll also find, further down to your right the Guildhall – a beautiful 16th Century building.

Turning left onto Bridge Street and further left past Cobb gate Carpark and onto Marine Parade (the seafront) a beautiful walk which takes you along the beach, historic houses and buildings and near the famous Cobb and Cobb Harbour.

As you pass the National Trust shop and just before you reach the Amusements arcade, walk up the slope leading you to the beautiful Langmoor Gardens. Follow the path up to the right (Lister Gardens on the left) and be sure to stop and perch on one of the many benches to admire the view – this is a popular spot, especially whilst watching the Red Arrows and picnics in the summer months!

At the top, you’ll be left with a beautiful view over Lyme Regis Beach and behind the Alexandra Hotel and the sadly (burnt down in 2016) Cinema. You’ll then be taken through gates that exit the gardens. Cross the road twice until you’re at the top of Sherbourne Lane – a sloped alleyway that has evidence of dating back to the 8th century!

Continue down and through Mill Green and follow the river along past Woodmead Road until you reach Horn Bridge, where you’ll turn left on Roman Road and onto the first gated exit on the left (this is signposted to Slopes Farm) which leads you up a steep hill. Follow the path and turn right at the exit, back onto WoodMead Road.

Turn left at the top of the road, past the Mariners Hotel and The Nags Head and continue to walk down Silver Street, then taking the next left down Hill Road. Walk all the way to the bottom of this road (Where Lyme Regis has their very own Banksy – an Origami swan on the wall of the river) Opposite this and on your right is the ‘Lynch’ – a lovely walk along the River Lim and down to the Town Mill, a beautiful artisan quarter with a gallery, restaurant, shops and the restored Mill.

Head up the road opposite the Fish and Chip shop, where you’ll see St Michael’s Church and turn right to bring you back down Church Street.

A River through History

A lovely walk along the River Lim to the village of Uplyme, passing many little bridges, the old mill sites and the Roman Road that connects Dorchester to Exeter.

Start the walk on Bridge Street (where the river meets the sea) and walk upwards Coombe Street.

When you reach the Ship Inn, turn to walk to the Town Mill on your left. Keep right and you’ll be taken through to the ‘Lynch’, where the River Lim flows beside you. You’ll then be taken out onto Coombe Street again, continue up Mill Green and you’ll soon see the river again near a small block of flats.

Follow the river on this path, across Woodmead road (where the bridge and it’s weir can be seen) and continue your walk through the path with the beautiful forest on your left until you reach Horn Bridge, which is where the old Roman Road lies that connects Dorchester to Exeter.

Cross the road and continue through the path, turning left along the footpath (Middle Mill Farm is situated on your right).  You will then cross the river and be taken through a gate and into a field. Cross the field and then re-cross the river, passing the old Mill and towards Uplyme. Keep to the bumpy path, past the thatched cottage.

Cross the road at Spring Head Road and continue until you reach Church Street.
From here, you’ll find the Talbot Arms on your left and the village hall and playing fields ahead.

A pleasant walk giving you the opportunity to uncover and see some beautiful buildings and viewpoints in Lyme, from The Marine Theatre, Langmoor gardens and the artisan quarter that is the Town Mill.

Discover the East Devon and West Dorset countryside on one of our Electric Bikes

To enjoy the countryside at a leisurely pace and not work up a sweat, how about hiring one of our Electric Bikes ?

We have 15 of our own suggested maps and even a treasure hunt to choose from. Cycle to some of the best countryside locations for a peaceful view, visit a stately home or cycle to Lyme Regis for delicious Fish and Chips whilst sitting on the Cobb.

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Plenty of Quiet Beaches and Local Towns to Explore and Enjoy

Discover the best of Devon and Dorset.

Enjoy the pretty coastal towns and villages, stretching from Weymouth in the east, to Exmouth in the west.

Featured here are some of our local seaside towns that are only 3 miles away.  Perfect if you want to visit Charmouth and Lyme Regis.

Click Here to learn more about our beautiful beaches and towns in West Dorset and East Devon

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