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Holiday Farmhouse Access Statement

The farmhouse was built in the 17th C and and has numerous steps. Nearly all rooms are accessed by either one, or multiple steps.

The main entrance is via the back door which is level with a large car parking area.  There is a 25mm high threshold strip at the back door.

The back door leads to a scullery area with one step up to a Belfast sink and the central heating and hot water controls. There is a shower room adjacent to the back door with a floor mounted shower tray 100 mm high.  The shower room has a standard WC.

A level corridor leads to the children’s play room on the right hand side. At the end of the corridor there are 3 steep steps with hand rail, leading to a lower landing at the bottom of the main stairs. On the left a further 2 steps lead down to the front hall.

The hall is level but of flagstone construction with an uneven surface. At the end of the entrance hall is the front door which leads on the level to the front patio.  There is a 25 mm threshold strip across the front door.  The patio had a 100mm step up to a slightly sloping front lawn.  On the left of the hall a further 3 steps lead down to the dining room, followed by a further small step up to the kitchen. Opposite the entrance to the dining room is is a single step up to the living room.

From the small half landing at the bottom of the stairs there is a child gate, six stairs lead up to a half landing.  The half landing continues to a further 5 stairs to a top child gate and top landing. There is a hand rail on the stairs.

On the right of the top landing  there is a twin bedroom. On the left, two steps lead up to a further twin bedroom. Ahead there is a step down to another half landing. On the right is the main bathroom with traditional bath.

Continuing along the small half landing there are three further steps down to the main double bedroom.  This bedroom has a small ensuite with surface mounted shower tray and WC.

The farmhouse reflects the nature of its age and the fact that over the centuries it has been extended and altered by generations of farmers.

Monkton Wyld Holiday Farmhouse Dorset
Monkton Wyld Holiday Farmhouse Dorset
Monkton Wyld Holiday Farmhouse Dorset